«Учиться, и когда придёт время,
прикладывать усвоенное к делу - разве это не прекрасно!» Конфуций
«Der Übersetzung Kunst, die höchste, dahin geht,
Zu übersetzen recht, was man nicht recht versteht» Friedrich Rückert

Marlboro Middle School

Моя племянница из США объявляет новости

Good morning, Dukes! My name is Nina, and my name is Max.  Today is Wednesday, November 16th and it is an E Day.  Please stand for the pledge.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.  And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.

  1. Notice to all students that on Wednesday, November 16th, the Diversity or GSA club will be meeting in Room 217 after school until 3:50. We will be starting a project related to animal rescue!  All are welcome.
  1. Any girl who is interested in cheering for Basketball who did not cheer for Football should get a sports physical form in the main office and return it by next Friday, November
  1. To all drama club members: Order your t-shirts byNov 30th. The shirt link is on Edmodo and on the Drama page of the school website. Rehearsals are Tuesday through Friday of this week in the cafeteria. Please see the calendar for specific groups and Miss Wolf for a costume size sheet, if you haven’t already gotten one!
  1. It’s time to start packing your homeroom shoebox! Bring joy to a child!
  1. FCCLA members are reminded of the District 3 Meeting today after school until 6 pm. Pick up a permission slip and bring your 5 dollars to Mrs. Giacoia ASAP
  1. On this day in 1811 an Earthquake in Missouri caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards!
  1. Today’s lunch is Mozzarella sticks and whole grain pasta.
  1. Today’s weather forecast calls for partly cloudy skies with a high of 60 degrees.
  1. We would like to wish a happy birthday to Mark Guzman and Saba Zahid.
  1. Adios Maria!

Thanks for watching and GO, DUKES!!


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