«Учиться, и когда придёт время,
прикладывать усвоенное к делу - разве это не прекрасно!» Конфуций
«Der Übersetzung Kunst, die höchste, dahin geht,
Zu übersetzen recht, was man nicht recht versteht» Friedrich Rückert


If you’re interested in scholarly articles related to translation and/or interpretation, here’s a site from the Universidad de Salamanca that offers free access to a large collection. Most of the resources are in English while some are in different languages. Each resource includes a short overview of the referenced work and then a link to access the full text (sometimes hundreds of pages). You can look things up by key words or subject in order to focus your search. Looking for a text explaining translation and translatability issues in Alice and Wonderland? You can find that here. Want to learn more about translating irony? That’s also here. Enjoy!

Resource: 150 Free Ebooks for Translators and Interpreters

See the full list of Ebooks here!

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